Q: Can we just walk-in or is it reservations only?

A: For all our venues bookings are essential especially for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  However,  we do accept walkins subect to availabilty on the night.


Q: How much does entry cost?

A: Its £30 per person for a 2 hour reservation paid on entry to the venue.


Q: How long do we get on our table?

A: All bookings last 2 hours from the time of the reservation, additional hours can be added at £15 per person subject to availabiity and advanced notification.


Q: How many cocktails do we get in the 2 hours?

A: Our bartenders aim prepare a minimum of 5 rounds of drinks within the 2 hours. Each round is one style of drink for all guests within the group.


Q: How much alcohol should I bring?

A: We recommend about a half bottle of spirit (350ml) per person. We suggest that you bring base spirits such as vodka, gin, rum, tequila or whisky and that if you would like to bring liqueurs try to bring them in miniature form, this is because they are generally highly sugared, highly flavoured and low in alcohol. As we provide an array of tasty syrups already, liqueurs rarely see much use.


Q: What is a closed bottle policy?

A: A closed bottle policy means we will not accept any bottles that have been previously opened or decanted in to other bottles. This is for quality and safety reasons, please ensure you only bring unopened bottles to our venues.


Q: Can we wear fancy dress?

A: We only accept fancy dress that is in keeping with the venue theme, that is; speakeasy, 1920’s, prohibition style. Any other attire should be smart casual only.


Q: Why do you need my card details to make a reservation? Do you take any money from my account?

A: For a standard booking we don't take any money from your account unless you cancel or reduce the number of guests less than 48 hours prior to the reservation at which stage you will incur a £10 per person surcharge.