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Welcome to BYOC City


byoc City

BYOC City is in the part of the City that is also easily reached from East London. Located just a stone’s throw from The Gherkin and a few minutes’ walk from Liverpool Street, our newest venue is hidden in the basement under the James Cochran Restaurant. BYOC City celebrates all that is the prohibition era, from dimly candlelit tables to homemade purées and mixers. We want you to bring along your favourite tipple and let our expert mixologists whip it into a cocktail perfectly paired to your palette. The venue is perfect for a group booking or a solitary escape from the modern-day chaos.

Menu of snacks and sharing plates available in BYOC City curtesy of JAMES COCHRAN

Opening Hours:

Thursdays to Saturdays from 5pm until late.

When open on Tuesdays for our special events, we can accept bookings after 9pm.

Closed Sundays and Mondays (available for private events).


Each patron is kindly requested to pay £30 on arrival