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we are very sorry but byoc city and byoc brightong are not available for bookings.

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please Note: if you plan to use a discount voucher for your BYOC booking, please check that it is valid for the days of the week and/or time of your booking. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept discount vouchers or special deal codes for times and dates when they are not valid and you will be asked to rebook or pay the standard entry fee. we are very sorry but byoc city and byoc brightong are not available for bookings.

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It’s strange, but prohibition in the United States during the 1920s did great things for drinks and drinking culture. Bad-tasting bathtub gins forced bartenders to find exciting new ways to flavour drinks and the police, constantly on the prowl for bootlegged booze, drove people underground, creating their own secret world that celebrated the sharing of drinks and company. The speakeasy was born.

At BYOC we strive to deliver everything that was great about the speakeasy without the danger of being busted by the coppers at any moment! Simply bring a bottle of your favourite spirit to one of our hidden-away haunts and have our team of skilled bartenders, armed with an exciting array of homemade syrups, juices, and bitters, fix you something that really tickles your fancy. whether your taste buds are lusting after a classic or something a little more adventurous, your palate will be sated.

So for an evening of flavour, frivolity and fedoras unlike any other, look no further than BYOC. The spirit of the speakeasy.


What to BRIng

In order to make the most from BYOC experience, we recommend that you bring one unopened bottle of spirits between two people for our bartenders to work with. 

We favour unflavoured spirits such as vodka, rum, and gin, as they are most versatile and allow us to show off the largest range of cocktails and breadth of flavours. Please visit THE  COCKTAILS section to see some of our previous creations.

If you are stuck for choice, we recommend to browse our Discovery Club section to find inspiration. 

You do not need to bring any soft drinks or mixers as these are provided by us as part of your experience.

Some Customers choose to bring Wine or Beers.



Our standard reservation secures you a two-hour seating. During that time you will be tended to at your seat by a professional mixologist, who will Endeavour to quickly learn about your preferences and tailor cocktails to your taste using the spirits you've brought. YOUR OFFERING may include some sharing drinks for your group such as punchbowls alongside individual cocktails and creatively flavoured bespoke shots.

Many common allergens are used in the preparation of cocktails on the premisses and, although great care is taken to avoid contamination of your drink, this cannot be guaranteed. Please make sure that you inform your bartender of any allergy or intolerance that you might have.

All bookings are for two hours and you will ordinarily be given a 15 minute last drink notice, at which time your last drink will be served. 

— Londonist
both openers were exquisite
— Time Out
let the bartenders conjure up bespoke brilliance
— Square Meal


If lady luck were on your side and you happened to stumble through the mysterious black door across the road from Mornington Crescent station, you would be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a 1920s casino. The vintage blackjack, roulette and poker tables around the room equipped with BYOC’s range of homemade ingredients are, in fact, a bar.


The City

BYOC East Celebrates all that is the prohibition era, from dimly candlelit tables to homemade purées and mixers. We want you to bring along your favourite tipple and let our expert mixologists whip it into a cocktail, perfectly paired to your palette. This venue is perfect for a group booking or a solitary escape from the modern-day chaos.



Deep in the heart of Brighton’s historic South Lanes, among the jewellers, lies the second son of the BYOC family. BYOC Brighton boasts a fully functioning pipe organ for the occasional sing-song, a cinema screening silent classics and a private snooker room fitted with a snooker table island bar for a truly interactive and unique experience. 




The Twinkle

The Twinkle originated in the grand country houses of England. Though no one seems to know exactly when it was invented, it was already a frequent guest at country house parties in the 1930s. One version of the tale goes that the notoriously frugal aristocracy came up with the cocktail as a way of serving second-best quality champagne to their large parties of house guests without the embarrassment of anyone being able to tell that they were not being served a cuvée prestige to match their hosts’ social status. The original English version uses gin rather than the vodka that has since become the main spirit associated with the drink. Its unostentatious simplicity also makes it the perfect cocktail for the time-pressed—or lazy—because it was meant to be poured rapidly for a large number of guests and does not use a shaker method. It still remains a traditional Christmas aperitif in the households of some of the British nobility.

Ingredients: (per serving) 15ml Elderflower cordial, 25ml giN, champagne

Method: Chill the champagne and ensure the gin is a cold as possible leave it in the freezer before preparing. Pour the elderflower cordial and gin into each champagne flute. Fill with champagne. You can garnish it with a stick of cucumber or a fresh blackberry. But traditionally, this cocktail was based in the distinctly unshowy posh British style and was served without a garnish.